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DCT English


DCT department has been undergoing several organizational changes since 2002. The trend is two-fold: 1) to match up with the development of information and digital content technology and 2) to meet industry professionals demand.

  • 2002 founding of the department of computer science and information engineering (CSIE)
  • 2006 founding of the department of computer and communication engineering (CCE)
  • 2011 renaming of CSIE to the department of information and communication (IC)
  • 2012 joing of IC and CCE to the department of digital content and technology


The objectives of Digital Content and Technology (DCT) department are to teach contemporary professional skills such as multimedia design and creation, animation design, planning and creation technique for digital convergence, digital publishing creation and interactive arts, smart living, and programming for smart mobile devices. To satisfy industrial demand, special attentions are on digital content, human machine interaction technology and network value added application.

DCT department provides digital content and information technology curriculum which includes 1) fundamental knowledge of digital content, 2) multimedia technology, 3) digital life technology, 4) information technology, 5) network and communication technology. DCT department graduated students can work as professional as digital content designers, multimedia designers, 3D media technicians, web designers, and human machine interface designers.